Wealth Creators partners with KimiTri

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Wealth Creators and KimiTri

help people achieve their best

KimiTri was started by Malcolm Horn and Cameron Kiloh after the passing of Kim Kiloh from Cancer. Malcolm being Kim’s Fiancé and Cameron being Kim’s brother, decided to complete an Iron-Man event in her honour. After a few discussions with some like minded people they decided to create a group of athletes to complete the event not only in honour of Kim but to raise funds and awareness for Cancer patients in need of assistance. 

Wealth Creators has a strong view on family and helping people where we can. We are very proud to be sponsoring KimiTri this year in the hopes to spread their story far and wide.

Our vision at KimiTri is diverse, to say the least. We aim to create an environment for regular day to day people that want to achieve extraordinary things personally as well as help and inspire others along the way. In doing so we use this platform to raise funds and awareness for charities.


Our goal of this partnership is to enable KimiTri to continue the phenomenal work that they’re doing while being involved in doing some good ourselves. We’re really excited by this opportunity and hope for many more like it going forward.

Click here to check out KimiTri’s website for more info.