Meet the team

We pride ourselves on the calibre of our financial planners and our first priority is to ensure we do right by our clients.

We are NOT a 'commission at all costs' team! But take a genuine interest in our clients circumstances and make sure that our planning is always needs matched.

Financial Planning Team

Mauro Ghillino
Nick Wolmarans
Alan De Aguiar
Andrew Wolmarans
Portrait of financial planner Aidan Robinson
Aidan Robinson
Ashleigh Elser
Blayne Ponte
Brad Thorpe
Portrait of financial planner Chantell Gramiccia
Chantell Gramiccia
Portrait of financial planner Diané Mostert
Diané Mostert
Portrait of financial planner Gert Robbertse
Gert Robbertse
Portrait of financial planner Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham
Portrait of financial planner Nick Stone
Nick Stone
Portrait of financial planner Stephan Mulatinho
Stephan Mulatinho
Tyron Lessing

Short Term Team

Portrait of short term broker Anneline Wolmarans
Anneline Wolmarans
Portrait of short term broker Adri Bronkhorst
Adri Bronkhorst
Portrait of short term broker Bianca Pelser
Bianca Pelser
Portrait of short term broker Marc Thompson
Marc Thompson

Admin Team

Portrait of admin assistant
Chanté E Silva
Portrait of admin assistant Dominique Uys
Dominique Uys
Portrait of admin assistant Sharon Hunkin
Sharon Hunkin
Portrait of admin assistant Sharon Van Zyl
Sharon Van Zyl
Portrait of admin assistant Tracey Ncube
Tracey Ncube
Portrait of admin assistant Sarah Nhlapo
Sarah Nhlapo
Sobala Ngwenya