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Derek Dingwall started his career as a life assurance agent in 1977. Derek discovered his passion for helping people by explaining in depth what cover they had and what cover they needed to be fully protected. In 1981 Derek was invited to the Million Dollar Round Table in the USA. It was in his first meeting that he was introduced to the “Whole Person Concept” which stipulated the importance of having a balanced life between family and business. Derek continued to attend the MDRT meeting till 2017 as a qualifying member. During this time Derek became a renowned international speaker, and has twice been the key note speaker at the MDRT meetings. It was the “Whole Person Concept” that ensured he enjoyed a healthy 52 years, and counting, of marriage to his lovely wife Joyce. This allowed him to enjoy time with his daughter Darlene and son Alister while they were growing up. This balance and support system allowed Derek to construct a solid financial business known as Derek A Dingwall Financial Planning. Derek built his company with the help of his loyal staff members, Jeanette Mckenzie, Linda Maaske, Sarah Mokoena, Dominique Uys, Aggie Maaske and Sharon Van Zyl.

In 2019 Derek decided it was time to implement his final plan, the succession of his life’s work. It was of huge importance that his clients be looked after by a committed team that lived by the concepts of honesty, trust and service that Derek found so crucial for the past 43 years. Derek has chosen Wealth Creators to continue his passion for caring for people.

This encompasses detailed financial planning which includes Medical Aids, Investments, Personal and Commercial short term insurance and business assurance solutions. Wealth Creators through their associated specialists also offer legal and business advice.

Derek is certain that these committed financial planners will continue his legacy into the next generation.

About Us

Wealth Creators is a specialised financial services team committed to excellence .
We partner with our clients on their journey to financial wellness.
Our focus is on the constant educational development and growth of our planners coupled with solid and innovative research. This focus enables us to provide highly effective and measurable financial solutions for our clients.

Wealth Creators places an emphasis on fully comprehensive and integrated financial planning. We focus on both Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection.

We have close to R650m in assets under management. In order to grow these assets and manage client expectations we focus on cutting edge research tools. Analytics Fund Research and Bridge Fund Managers Income Coverage and Scenario tools are used in every Investment case, regardless of the size. Focused research, direct access to skilled and seasoned Fund Managers, and strong partnerships ensure our planners are properly prepared, highly motivated, and able to offer comprehensive and tailor made investment and risk strategies.

We are family and client centric.  We are committed to service excellence, and our partnership with the industry leader Momentum enables us to cater for any financial need a client may have.


We use the Momentum Wealth Platform as our preferred investment platform; the platform offers extensive fund choices, extremely competitive fees and large choice of investment solutions. Through the platform and our partnership with Momentum we are able to offer professional and highly skilled support and service to our varied investment clients.


  • Flexible Investment Options
  • Tax Free Investments
  • Flexible Endowment Options
  • Direct Offshore Investments

Retirement Investing
& Planning

  • Preservation Funds, provident and pension preservers
  • Retirement Annuities
  • Living and Linked life Annuities

Health Platform

Momentum Health Medical Aid is one of the leading Medical Aids in South Africa offering various plans and options to individuals and corporate clients.

Funds at Work

Momentum Funds at Work (FAW) is the group benefits platform where companies can take care of their employees by offering them Pension or Provident benefits and vital risk benefits to protect their employees and their families. Offering a great group scheme for staff is becoming more and more prominent in attracting the right calibre of staff.

Wealth Creators Newsletter

Good day

Investing in a market with massive amounts of uncertainty is difficult. When above inflationary returns are few and far between. The difficulties faced by asset managers such as intensifying global trade wars, navigating our rather “tricky” political climate and uncertainty over land issues can lead to performance that is disappointing to say the least.

When we experience these lack lustre returns, we naturally start to question the strategy – should we change the portfolio? Change asset managers? Is my money better off in the bank? In South Africa we are not immune to global investment trends and volatile market conditions.

Our answer is our strategy – The strategy Wealth Creators follows and continues to believe in is based on unit accumulation rather than solely share price. What does that mean? When Wealth Creators selects a fund manager to invest, our clients (and our own) hard earned money, there is countless hours of research and due diligence carried out. The core of our strategy is ‘Yield’. Yield can be defined as the income/dividends/distribution paid for owning a particular share. A portfolio that is well constructed has a high yield in conjunction with growth assets, which means in trying times as we are currently experiencing, the distributions that are paid back into your investment are reinvested, thus creating unit accumulation. Using this strategy allows us to alleviate a large portion of the volatility experienced by our current climate and will allow for an extremely powerful compounding effect when the share price rises or even returns to previous highs. With over R500,000,000 in assets under management and 90 years combined experience in financial planning, our method has been tried and tested, with the research data and analysis to support our approach. We at Wealth Creators will continue to closely monitor and manage each and every one of our clients portfolio’s and will continue to walk this road by your side.

We will gladly meet, answer any questions you may have and look forward to attaining the goals and purposes of your investments!
Regards Wealth Creators

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  • Big Mac Index suggests the rand is hugely undervalued
  • The Power of Staying Invested
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