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Wealth Creators Business Solutions Coming Soon! We have partnered with industry experts that will be able to assist with all business taxation, payroll, book keeping & cloud accounting automation to name a few. This strategic alignment now offers our clients a holistic solution for all financial related queries.

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Wealth Creators is a specialised financial services team committed to excellence .
We partner with our clients on their journey to financial wellness.
Our focus is on the constant educational development and growth of our planners coupled with solid and innovative research. This focus enables us to provide highly effective and measurable financial solutions for our clients.

Wealth Creators places an emphasis on fully comprehensive and integrated financial planning. We focus on both Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection.

We have close to R650m in assets under management. In order to grow these assets and manage client expectations we focus on cutting edge research tools. Analytics Fund Research and Bridge Fund Managers Income Coverage and Scenario tools are used in every Investment case, regardless of the size. Focused research, direct access to skilled and seasoned Fund Managers, and strong partnerships ensure our planners are properly prepared, highly motivated, and able to offer comprehensive and tailor made investment and risk strategies.

We are family and client centric.  We are committed to service excellence, and our partnership with the industry leader Momentum enables us to cater for any financial need a client may have.


We use the Momentum Wealth Platform as our preferred investment platform; the platform offers extensive fund choices, extremely competitive fees and large choice of investment solutions. Through the platform and our partnership with Momentum we are able to offer professional and highly skilled support and service to our varied investment clients.


  • Flexible Investment Options
  • Tax Free Investments
  • Flexible Endowment Options
  • Direct Offshore Investments

Retirement Investing
& Planning

  • Preservation Funds, provident and pension preservers
  • Retirement Annuities
  • Living and Linked life Annuities

Health Platform

Momentum Health Medical Aid is one of the leading Medical Aids in South Africa offering various plans and options to individuals and corporate clients.

Funds at Work

Momentum Funds at Work (FAW) is the group benefits platform where companies can take care of their employees by offering them Pension or Provident benefits and vital risk benefits to protect their employees and their families. Offering a great group scheme for staff is becoming more and more prominent in attracting the right calibre of staff.

Wealth Creators Newsletter

What does the interest rate cut mean and how does it affect me?

The South African Reserve Bank has cut the repo rate from 4.25% to 3.75%, meaning the prime lending rate will fall to 7.25%. What does this mean for the ordinary South African? The Reserve Bank is generally very conservative in its Monetary Policy and does not cut rates easily. However, the impact and toll of the Covid-19 pandemic has placed almost every sector of the economy under unprecedented pressure. This has impacted salaries, employment and the finances of millions of South Africans.

The South African Reserve bank has therefore cut the Repo rate in an attempt to help support the economy, companies, and cash-strapped citizens. The repo rate is the standard interest rate at which the Reserve Bank lends money to other banks – which therefore reduces the interest rate offered by your local bank. The ripple effect of this, results in banks reducing the interest rate they charge the consumer for lending money. This essentially means that any debt be it vehicle, home or cash loan ,with an linked interest rate contract will have a reduction in the monthly instalments. The downside of this, is for the individuals who make use of a money markets or fixed interest products to grow their savings or even live off these types of investments, also now have a reduced interest rate (less income or growth than prior to the rate cut).

What should the ordinary South African do?

Well this depends on each persons individual situation, for example: if you were struggling to pay your bills during these trying times, the rate cut should provide some breathing room and will hopefully assist you in getting back into a more stable financial position. If you were already on track with your finances, why not consider keeping your repayments the same as they were before the interest rate cut? By doing this the term of your loan will be reduced and result in you becoming debt free sooner.

Retrenchment survival kit

(Revised May 2020)

This document summarises the most frequently asked questions by employees and financial advisers when faced with retrenchment. It also provides some practical examples to highlight the most common errors that are made in practice. This document is not intended to be nor is it financial or tax advice. Please consult with a licensed financial service provider or a registered tax practitioner for specific tax and financial advice. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 1. What is the typical lump sum amounts payable on retrenchment? Retrenchment packages can consist of the following types of lump sum payments:

  • A severance benefit calculated in relation to the years of service and the salary of the employee at retrenchment. Generally, each completed year service equates to a number of weeks’ salary that will be payable (most common is two week salary for each completed year employed however, each employer can determine the formula they prescribe to).
  • Any leave pay due.
  • A pro rata bonus.
  • Notice pay, which is generally an amount paid in lieu of a notice period that should be given in terms of an employment contract. For example, the employment contract determines that the employer must give the employee two calendar months’ notice when terminating the services of the employee due to retrenchment and the employer opts to pay the employee the two months’ salary upfront without the employee having to work the actual two months’ notice period.

Note – In some instances employers add all the above lump sums together when communicating with the employee. Make sure the employer provides a breakdown of the benefits so that the income tax implications are correctly planned for.

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